Benevolence Center Update

The Benevolence Center is currently closed to the public, and as a result, the clothes pantry is closed. Because of this, the Benevolence Center is not accepting any donations at this time. Prepared bags of food are still being offered through the food pantry door each Wednesday from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Karing Kitchen is also offering prepared meals through the door each Monday evening hosted by area churches.

Volunteers are welcome on a limited basis. On Tuesdays, the sewing ladies are working on rolling bandages, making quilts, and diaper shirts. On Thursdays, we have started reworking all our inventory of clothes. During this down time, we are committed to going through all our clothing by sorting, cleaning where needed, and relabeling all our storage totes. You are invited to volunteer from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday. Please be reminded we are practicing social distancing and you are welcome to wear your masks if desired. If you have any questions, contact Donnie Carnathan at (903) 592-0809.

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