Cash Family Update

Dear Friends,

The Glenwood Mission Team consists of 15 members who pay close attention to Glenwood’s local and international mission activities. Today we received the email below.  Since 2002, Jeff and Cheryl have been missionaries sponsored by Glenwood in their evangelism and training ministry in Uganda, East Africa. They are currently on furlough in the USA and will be with the Glenwood congregation later this summer. Their email will let you know of some of their joys and struggles, and there is much in their email to help you pray effectively for them.

Roger L. McCown, Sr.
Chair, Glenwood Mission Team


What a whirlwind of activity that we have had since arriving in the states! We touched down in Oregon and had a good visit with my (Jeff’s) Mom and Dad. We rented a car and I quickly had to adapt to driving on the other side of the car and road.  I was so thankful to be able to hug my Mom’s neck. It was a short visit before we flew to Nashville for Cheryl’s graduation. 

We arrived in Nashville late at night and were given an upgrade on the rental car there since the one we reserved was not available. It turned out to be perfect as we had a good amount of luggage. Isaac is moving to the states to start university at Colorado Christian University in August. The bigger car worked out well. 

We rented a large Airbnb as Alex and Melissa, Kinley and Trevor, were coming to meet up with the four of us! Ya!

It was so much fun to all be together again!

All of our kids came for Cheryl’s 50th birthday party and to watch her graduate with a Masters’s degree in Theology.  We are all so proud of her!

Kinley and Trevor drove our car so we were able to turn in our rental car. 

From Nashville, we rented a U-haul trailer and drove to Memphis. We rented a place there just for a couple of days.  We had two evenings with Marty and Louise Koonce. (Trevor’s parents) I have known them both since Harding but had no idea back then that we would become family. We had a wonderfully fun visit with them. We have kept our connections with them over the years since we were both supported by Glenwood. All of the connections were amazing to look back on.

From Memphis, we drove to Harding in Searcy where we picked up Kinley’s wedding dress and saw where she and Trevor will be living. 

From there we drove to Bentonville to prepare for the wedding. 

We got another AirBnB there and dropped off the U-haul. We met with the wedding coordinator and plans went into full speed.  

The chapel was absolutely beautiful and the mansion where we had the reception was just what Kinley wanted. Their wedding was gorgeous. It was perfectly them. 

My Mom was not able to come because of her health and my Dad announced that the doctors have taken her off of chemo. She wanted all of her family to come and be together. 

Cheryl, Isaac, Silas, and I drove to Oklahoma City and stayed with Eric and Kristine Newberg. (Eric used to be my contact person at Glenwood) As soon as everyone could arrange we all flew to Oregon. This is where we are right now. 

My Mom told me that her wish was to have all of the family together and get a family photo. So yesterday we had a photoshoot at my parents’ place.  Immediately after, we drove Kinley and Trevor to the airport and they flew out.  They had bad weather on the flights and had to be diverted and then pay for a hotel. They had a series of frustrating events including having a wallet stolen. 

This afternoon we have been asked to meet with Rick Edgemond from Metro Church of Christ about funeral arrangements. 

My Mom has picked out the songs and is very open and candid about all of this. 

Our time in the states has been an emotional rollercoaster. 

In Uganda, the country has had strict measures and a curfew in place for more than a year. Which really wears on everyone.  The president announced this week that all churches and schools are closed. No travel between districts will be allowed. He put 13 strict measures in place this week. It feels weird to be in the states and have so many freedoms. Uganda has not vaccinated many of the people. India decided to keep the doses they had promised for Uganda. As a result, only 32,000 (or something like that) are fully vaccinated. The shots are just not available. The poor really suffer.

I was so happy for us to be able to get the first Pfizer shots here in the states. How great is that to be able to get the vaccine if you want to? America is such an amazing country!

We look forward to seeing you in person. 

God bless!

Jeff and Cheryl Cash

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