Prayer Guide

Join us for a season of prayer and repentance as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection.

Week of April 4–April 10

Prayer Focus: As we reflect on the last hours of Jesus’ suffering and death, and remember the suffering during the crisis, let’s join Jesus in praying from Psalm 22, beginning with the cry of lament and ending with a declaration of praise. Let’s give thanks for the incredible grace and mercy of God demonstrated by Jesus on the cross. And let’s commit to forgive as we’ve been forgiven, sharing the love and mercy of God. 

Monday, April 6

Pray for Our Church:  Father, ignite in our church family a continued devotion and fire for you and for our church family. During this time of physical separation, keep our hearts and spirit burning bright for you and for each other.

Tuesday, April 7

Pray with Thanksgiving:  During a time of uncertainty and fear I am so deeply grateful that I can lean into you. I am thankful for Your presence, Spirit.

Wednesday, April 8

Pray for Others: Lord, there is an extra depth of hurt and grief in our world. I pray that your love and your tender care overwhelm those as they hurt and grieve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Thursday, April 9

Pray for Yourself: Holy Spirit, guide me during this time to lean into you in a new way. Help me to turn from my fear and anxiety during this time towards you.

Friday, April 10

Pray for Our Outreach: Show us how to serve our loved ones, our community, and the least of these during this pandemic. Let Glenwood be a place that points others to know the depth of you and your love.

Prayer Requests

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