In Our Prayers

  • Sharon Taylor’s step father, Tom Taylor, is in the hospital with multiple health issues.
  • Pat Noll’s brother, David, is in ICU with bacterial pneumonia and a blood clot in his leg. Pray for him as he is dealing with breathing issues and water on his lungs (he had a massive stroke years ago and is mostly paralyzed). 
  • Randy and Samantha Womble’s daughter, Kayla, is home recovering after experiencing seizures last week. Continue to pray for Kayla as she goes through further testing. 
  • The Matus Family has requested we be prayerful for the Heuer Family. Their 7-year-old daughter, Kinslee, has a brain tumor and they are trying to find a surgeon willing to take on the risky surgery. 
  • Brenda Fleet is being treated for liver issues and awaiting a transplant. Please pray for her and the family, as well as the physicians. 
  • Richard Harris is home recovering from a broken foot. 

We want to be prayerful for and with you. Please click below to submit any prayer requests to our leadership and prayer team.

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