In Our Prayers

  • MealTrain has been set up for Cathy Howell as she continues to recover and rehab from her recent surgery. Please click this link to sign up to prepare a meal for Cathy.
  • Please continue to pray for Charles Colwell and his health difficulties.
  • Prayers are requested for Pattie Blake as they plan for surgery and treatment in the coming weeks.

Let’s pray daily for our Glenwood neighbors and for our church as we seek to welcome, invite, and love our community in special ways during the weeks leading up to Easter.

Prayers for people affected by the coronavirus:

  • Pray for people who are infected with COVID-19 or facing quarantine.
  • Pray for people at higher risk of developing the disease.
  • Pray for medical professionals, caregivers, and researchers responsible for fighting the new coronavirus.
  • Pray for leaders responsible for making decisions about the new coronavirus.
  • Pray for families adjusting to new ways of life.
  • Pray for business owners and families facing financial stress.
  • Pray for grocery store workers and delivery drivers.


Prayer Team

Glenwood has formed a prayer team and there are many ways to participate. We pray for our church, our community and the things on our hearts. If you would like to find out more about the Prayer Team, contact Dana Grubb.

Prayer Requests

Click here to share your prayer requests for the prayer team.

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