RISE Student Ministry

Parent Guide: Want to follow up at home with what your students are learning in class? Check out our Parent Guide. It has five weeks of ideas that will let you engage your student in a variety of ways. In this series we are learning about developing a faith of our own. Check out the Parent Guide or ask Steven for more details.


Spring Retreat: April 26–27 at Sky Ranch in Van, TX—We will spend time studying and learning God’s word along with various indoor and outdoor games. Cost for the Retreat is $50 per person. Sign up online at RISEStudentMinistry.com.

All Nighter Youth Lock In: May 17 at Group Dynamix in Dallas, TX—We will partner with East Texas area churches for an all-nighter lock in. We will get little to no sleep while we play Human Foosball, Archery Tag, Blacklight Dodgeball, Ropes Corse, Laser Chase, Soccer Darts, Jumping Pillow and more. Cost for the night is $38.00. Sign up online at RISEStudentMinistry.com.

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