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Senior Sunday

May 19 is Senior Sunday. This is a time to celebrate and honor graduating seniors. If you would like to donate money, gift cards or gifts to help our seniors prepare for this next step in their life, bring your gift this Sunday and place it under each senior’s presentation table located outside the church office.

This year, our seniors include:
Anna Crawford
Ellie Crawford
Daniel Dossey
Ava McCown
Wes Tolleson

Family Mission Trip

We will have a Family Mission Trip Meeting this Sunday immediately after church (around 11:30) in the Chapel. If you are interested in joining us for our Family Mission Trip to Dallas June 22–25, please make plans to join us. We will get you out for lunch by 12:30.

New Summer Class

How would our lives change if we approached every experience with the intention of listening first? In this noisy, distracting world, it is difficult to truly hear. People talk past each other, eager to be heard but somehow deaf to what is being said. Listening is an essential skill for healthy relationships, both with God and with other people. But it is more than that: listening is a way of life. The winner of Christianity Today’s 2017 Book of the Year Award, Adam McHugh places listening at the heart of our spirituality, our relationships and our mission in the world.

Join us on Sundays, beginning June 2—August 25 for our new summer class, “The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction.”  Before the class begins, participants will need to purchase on their own the book, The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction, by Adam McHugh (available on Class will begin at 9 a.m. in Adult 5. 

RISE Student Ministry

All Nighter Youth Lock In: May 17 at Group Dynamix in Dallas, TX—We will partner with East Texas area churches for an all-nighter lock in. We will get little to no sleep while we play Human Foosball, Archery Tag, Blacklight Dodgeball, Ropes Corse, Laser Chase, Soccer Darts, Jumping Pillow and more. Cost for the night is $38.00. Sign up online at

SUMMER Kick Off: Sunday, June 2, 6 p.m.–8 p.m. at The Dossey’s—Parents and teens of incoming 6th–12th grade students are invited to join us at our Summer Kick Off. We will meet at the Dossey’s house for swimming, hamburgers, hotdogs and more. Please RSVP so we can prepare enough food. Contact Steven Smith for more details.

Soul Shop

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is hosting Soul Shop for Faith Leaders: Ministering to Suicidal Desperation, on Friday, May 31, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. in Dallas. Open to anyone interested in ministering to those impacted by suicide. Cost is $25. For details and registration, visit

Karing Kitchen

Our next opportunity to serve will be Monday, June 10 at the Benevolence Center. We need help with setting up tables beginning at 4:30 p.m. and serving/cleaning beginning at 5:45 p.m. We welcome all who would like to reach out to the Tyler community in such a needed ministry to join us. For details, contact Pat Gerth at (903) 312-8441.

Pee Wee Day Camp

Register today for Pee Wee camp at Glenwood’s session, June 17–20, 2019, is open to children ages five through eight. (Campers must be five years old by September 1.) Once registered, submit this form to let us know you are registered and to secure your child’s ride to camp. Seating is limited so be sure to register soon.


Wednesday Night Series

Join us tonight as we continue the series, “Early Christian Martyrs.” During the month of May, Jerry Frazier will lead us as we learn about faith and persecution in the early church. Join us Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Gathering Place.